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Jesus, The Treasure of Heaven: A Devotional for Any Season
15 Weeks of Morning and Evening
210 People, Places, and Things in the Bible that all Link to Jesus
All Scripture Quoted in Italics from the Holy Bible, King James Version (KJV)

By Susan-Louise Henning


Birds, green with envy, standing firm on selfish pride, are lured by the enemy and surrounded by a disguise of clouds of light, eager to turn away in rebellion against their loving God.


From familiar people like Adam and Moses, to less familiar people like Kore and Maher-shalal-hash-baz, along with places and things; this unique, easy-to-read, and easy-to-understand, daily devotional links the gospel of Jesus to scripture, from Genesis to Revelation. 


This daily devotional is perfect for any season of life. Start any Sunday morning, continuing with evenings and mornings to follow, for fifteen weeks.  Read along with your own Bible.  


In 2014 my nephew Jason painted me a cohesive collection of birds.  That collection of paintings graces the devotional's cover. Jason's unintended art beautifully illustrates God's gift of salvation.  




Birds, blue with grief, standing firm on God’s promise of redemption, separated from loving God and surrounded by darkened clouds, eager to turn back to God in repentance for their salvation.


Birds, bright as the sun, flying free by the Holy Spirit, surrounded by clouds filled with Jesus’s precious blood, eager to stand firm forever in righteous reconciliation to loving Father, God.

Available in paperback, hardcover, or download the e-book via online sellers,
such as, or through a bookstore near you.

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